Villa Slow is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy nature. It is silent, peaceful and extremly natural.

Our property occupies a total area of 2,5 hectare (25.000 m2).

This beautiful piece of land has its own water spring, two little rivers, and a waterfall.

Although it is our private property, we let the cows of neighbors enter our plot. Like this, we help each other, the cows have more grass to eat and we have a sustainable gardener!. We just built a very discreet fence around the house for you to enjoy your stay in case you prefer to keep our neighbors away.


Lewis is been in charge of all our outdoor furniture. He has built already four benches, a dining table, and a fire pit. The benches are scattered around our land, located in specific places to enjoy the view and the calmness of the place.

The dining table is located on a shaded area. This shade is provided by an ash tree situated very close to the house.

The fire pit is great. It is very simple but we love to make fires at night and cook with it.

We recently added a wooden hot tub that we are sure you will enjoy throughout the whole year.

As summers are getting hotter, we are building this spring an outdoor covered area to enjoy even more the outdoors.